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It initially started with a walk around the city centre to meet rough sleepers and offer them some tea, coffee and an attentive ear. We did this for a number of months, some nights we met a number of homeless people and on other nights we met less. However, as we went on, we got to learn more about those who sleep rough. We began to understand the need to provide some tasty and nutritious meals. In addition to this we also began to understand the need to respect those who are homeless and to be an attentive ear. We then plucked up the courage to feed the homeless from a stall. At this stall we would provide food for not only the rough sleepers but also for those in temporary accommodation and hostels. We started serving 50 meals every week on a Wednesday. Fast forward to today and we operate on the following days in the cities mentioned:


Birmingham: Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Sunday

Coventry: Wednesday / Thursday

Sheffield: Sunday

Leicester: Monday / Tuesday

Walsall: Monday / Thursday

Bolton: Sunday

Liverpool: Sunday (Every fortnight)

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